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Jaguar in the Snow by Stephen Brown


Jaguar in the Snow

Stephen Brown
SEPECAT Jaguar of 41 Squadron.

Lightning in the Snow by Stephen Brown


Lightning in the Snow

Stephen Brown
English Electric Lightning F.6 XS904.

Typhoon in the Snow by Stephen Brown


Typhoon in the Snow

Stephen Brown
Typhoon of the 2nd TAF in 1944.

Mosquito in the Snow by Stephen Brown


Mosquito in the Snow

Stephen Brown
Mosquito FB Mk VI winter, 1944.

Spitfire in the Snow by Stephen Brown


Spitfire in the Snow - SOLD OUT

Stephen Brown
Spitfire Mk IX of 308 Squadron of the 2nd TAF.

Mustang in the Snow by Stephen Brown


Mustang in the Snow - NEW

Stephen Brown
P-51D Mustang of Clarence ‘Bud’ Anderson.

Blenheim in the Snow by Stephen Brown


Blenheim in the Snow

Stephen Brown
Ground crew preparing a Bristol Blenheim I.

Lancaster in the Snow by Stephen Brown


Lancaster in the Snow

Stephen Brown
Lancaster in the corner of a Lincolnshire field.

Hurricane in the Snow by Stephen Brown


Hurricane in the Snow

Stephen Brown
Hawker Hurricane grounded by heavy snow.

Limping Home for Christmas by Stephen Brown


Limping Home for Christmas

Stephen Brown
Damaged Lancaster returning to Lincolnshire.

A Winters Welcome by Stephen Brown


A Winter’s Welcome

Stephen Brown
A Special Ops Lysander Mk III of 161 Sqn.

Safe and Sound by Stephen Brown


Safe and Sound

Stephen Brown
Lancaster straggler over the Norfolk Broads.

Sentinel of the Seas by Stephen Brown


Sentinel of the Seas

Stephen Brown
Sunderland over the West Coast of Scotland.

Mustang Winter Mission by Stephen Brown


Mustang Winter Mission

Stephen Brown
P-51D Mustangs of the 4th Fighter Group.

Pathfinders Inbound by Stephen Brown


Pathfinders Inbound

Stephen Brown
Lancasters heading home to RAF Wyton.

Blenheim IV - Winter Ops by Stephen Brown


Blenheim IV - Winter Ops

Stephen Brown
Bristol Blenheim IV of 254 squadron.

Escort Home by Stephen Brown


Escort Home

Stephen Brown
RAF Mosquitos returning over Norfolk.

Wooden Wonder by Stephen Brown


Wooden Wonder

Stephen Brown
Mosquito FB IVs returning to base, 1944.

Nearly Home by Stephen Brown


Nearly Home

Stephen Brown
Flak-damaged Lancaster with Mosquito escort.

Spitfire Escort by Stephen Brown


Spitfire Escort

Stephen Brown
Spitfires and a damaged Lancaster.

Early Morning Light by Stephen Brown


Early Morning Light

Stephen Brown
P-51 Mustang of Major Don Strait.

Dawn's First Light.by Stephen Brown


Dawn’s First Light

Stephen Brown
WC John Kent leading his Spitfire squadron.

Winter Patrol by Stephen Brown


Winter Patrol

Stephen Brown
Spitfires of 92 Sqn in the winter of 1941.

Spifire Dawn by Stephen Brown


Spitfire Dawn

Stephen Brown
Spitfire of 222 Sqn at North Weald, 1941.

Winters Glow by Stephen Brown


Winter’s Glow - Out of Stock

Stephen Brown
Lancasters of 97 Squadron at dispersal, 1942.

Blenheim I - Winter Respite by Stephen Brown


Blenheim I - Winter Respite

Stephen Brown
Bristol Blenheim I grounded in heavy snow.

Air Test by Robin Smith


Air Test

Robin Smith
A repaired Lancaster takes off on a test flight.

Cold War 1941 by Robin Smith


Cold War 1941 - SOLD OUT

Robin Smith
Spitfire Vbs of 317 Squadron, winter 1941.

Winter of 42 by Robin Smith


Winter of 42

Robin Smith
Lancaster with ground crew.

Canada Geese by Charles Thompson


Canada Geese

Charles Thompson
Snowbound Lancasters.

Snowed in at Bentley Priory by Patricia Forrest


Snowed in at Bentley Priory

Patricia Forrest
Spitfire gate guardian.

Dowding's Boys by Patricia Forrest


Dowding’s Boys

Patricia Forrest
Spitfire and Hurricane over RAF Bentley Priory.

Hampden over Lincoln Cathederal by Patricia Forrest


Hampden Over Lincoln Cathedral

Patricia Forrest
Handley Page Hampden of 83 Squadron.

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