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The Robert Taylor Collection

We are privileged to offer the full range of greetings cards from images by Robert Taylor, regarded by many as the world’s leading aviation artist. All of the cards are available mounted and framed. Click on the image for more information and to buy online.

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Phantom Strike by Robert Taylor


Phantom Strike

Robert Taylor
Robin Olds leads F-4 Phantoms on a low level strike, Hanoi.

The Dambusters - Last Moments of the Mohne Dam by Robert Taylor


The Dambusters - Last Moments of the Mohne Dam

Robert Taylor
Lancasters of 617 Squadron attacking the Mohne Dam, 1943.

Midwinter Dawn by Robert Taylor


Midwinter Dawn

Robert Taylor
Spitfires of Johnnie Johnson's Canadian Wing, December 1944.

The Long Short Days by Robert Taylor


The Long Short Days

Robert Taylor
Bf109Gs of III/JG26 over northern France, February 1944.

American Eagles by Robert Taylor


American Eagles

Robert Taylor
Chuck Yeager leading P-51D Mustangs of the 357th FG.

Dambusters - The Impossible Mission by Robert Taylor


Dambusters - The Impossible Mission

Robert Taylor
Lancasters of 617 Squadron attacking the Mohne Dam, 1943.

After The Battle by Robert Taylor


After the Battle

Robert Taylor
Spitfire IXs of 611 Squadron heading back to Kenley, 1942.

Baders Bus Company by Robert Taylor


Bader’s Bus Company

Robert Taylor
Spitfires of Douglas Bader’s Tangmere Wing, August 1941.

Canadian Wing by Robert Taylor


Canadian Wing

Robert Taylor
Spitfires of Johnnie Johnson's Canadian Wing, June 1944.

Channel Dash by Robert Taylor


Channel Dash

Robert Taylor
Me109s of JG-2 escort German capital ships 12th Feb 1942.

Closing the Gap by Robert Taylor


Closing the Gap

Robert Taylor
Typhoons of 247 Sqn near Falaise, Normandy, August 1944.

D-Day Airborne Assault by Robert Taylor


D-Day Airborne Assault

Robert Taylor
Mustangs of the 354th FG escorting C-47s, June 6th 1944.

D-Day Normandy Landings by Robert Taylor


D-Day Normandy Landings

Robert Taylor
Troop ships and landing craft at Normandy, June 6 1944.

Eagles at Dawn by Robert Taylor


Eagles at Dawn

Robert Taylor
Me109Gs of JG53 scramble from Veszprem, February 1945.

Eagles Over The Rhine by Robert Taylor


Eagles Over the Rhine

Robert Taylor
P-51 Mustangs of the 354th Fighter Group.

Escort For The Straggler by Robert Taylor


Escort for the Straggler

Robert Taylor
Spitfires of 504 Squadron escort a damaged Lancaster.

Mission Completed by Robert Taylor


Mission Completed

Robert Taylor
B-17 of the US Eighth Air Force on final approach.

Operation Chastice by Robert Taylor


Operation Chastise

Robert Taylor
Dambuster Lancasters attacking the Mohne Dam, May 1943.

Return Of The Belle by Robert Taylor


Return of the Belle

Robert Taylor
B-17 Memphis Belle returning to Bassingbourne, Autumn 1942.

Return To Duxford by Robert Taylor


Return to Duxford

Robert Taylor
P-51 Mustangs of the 78th FG heading for Duxford, 1944.

The Road to the Rhine by Robert Taylor


The Road to the Rhine

Robert Taylor
C-47 Dakotas of the 439th Troop Carrier Group over Holland.

Last Flight Home by Robert Taylor


Last Flight Home

Robert Taylor
Lancasters returning to base after a daylight raid in 1944.

Into Battle by Robert Taylor


Into Battle

Robert Taylor
US paratroopers exit C-47 Dakotas, D-Day 6th June 1944.

Crash Landing by Robert Taylor


Crash Landing

Robert Taylor
CG-Waco glider landing in Normandy, D-Day 6th June 1944.

Glorious Summer by Robert Taylor


Glorious Summer

Robert Taylor
Hurricanes of 56 Sqn scramble, Battle of Britain July 1940.

Bombers Moon by Robert Taylor


Bombers Moon

Robert Taylor
Pathfinder Lancasters in the winter of 1943.

St Croix Sur Mer by Robert Taylor


St Croix Sur Mer

Robert Taylor
Johnnie Johnson’s 144th Canadian Wing Spitfires, June 1944.

Broken Silence by Robert Taylor


Broken Silence

Robert Taylor
Mosquitos over the Norfolk Broads.

The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders by Robert Taylor


The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders

Robert Taylor
B-25s taking off from the USS Hornet, 18 April 1942.

Schweinfurt - The Second Mission by Robert Taylor


Schweinfurt - The Second Mission

Robert Taylor
B-17s of the 92nd Bomb Group, 14 October 1943.

Coming In Over The Estuary by Robert Taylor


Coming in Over the Estuary

Robert Taylor
P-38s over the village of Bosham.

Abbeville Boys by Robert Taylor


Abbeville Boys

Robert Taylor
Me109s of JG26, led by Adolf Galland.

Strike and Return by Robert Taylor


Strike and Return

Robert Taylor
Lancasters from 460 Sqn RAAF return to RAF Binbrook.

Winters Welcome by Robert Taylor


Winters Welcome

Robert Taylor
B-17 Fortresses returning to their base in East Anglia.

Victory Flyover by Robert Taylor


Victory Flyover

Robert Taylor
F-4U Corsairs overfly the USS Missouri, 2nd September 1945.

Mustangs On The Prowl by Robert Taylor


Mustangs on the Prowl

Robert Taylor
P-51 Mustangs of the 55th FG over the Rhine in 1945.

Aces On The Western Front


Aces on the Western Front

Robert Taylor
Me109s pass over Mont St. Michael.

Skipper Comes Home by Robert Taylor


Skipper Comes Home

Robert Taylor
’Skipper’ of the 306th BG returns to base, January 1945.

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