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Military - Post World War 2 - Gallery 1

This section of the store is dedicated to post World War 2 military subjects. All of the cards are available mounted and framed. Click on the image for more information and to buy online.

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Hunters Over the Lakes by Stephen Brown


Hunters Over the Lakes

Stephen Brown
Hawker Hunter F6s over the English Lake District in 1959.

Victor and Blue Steel by Stephen Brown


Victor and Blue Steel - Cards Sold Out - prints still OK

Stephen Brown
RAF Handley Page Victor bombers with Blue Steel missiles.

Constant Alert by Stephen Brown


Constant Alert

Stephen Brown
RAF Avro Vulcan bombers during the 1960s.

Dawn Patrol by David Lawrence


Dawn Patrol

David Lawrence
Carrier take off by a Royal Navy Sea Harrier.

Lightning Anew


Lightnings Anew

Keith Woodcock
English Electric Lightning F Mk1s of 74 Squadron.

Lossiemouth Buccaneer


Lossiemouth Buccaneer

Patricia Forrest
Blackburn Buccaneer over Scotland.

RAF Vulcan Mk B2


RAF Vulcan Mk B2

Barry Price
Vulcan bomber taking off from RAF Waddington in the 1970s.

Disturbing the Peace, Keeping the Peace


Disturbing the Peace, Keeping the Peace - Out of Stock

Roy Garner
USAAF B52G scrambling from Guam.

Tornados Over Ben Nevis


Tornados Over Ben Nevis

Patricia Forrest
RAF Tornados of 12 Squadron.

Final Flight


Final Flight

David Lawrence
RAF Vulcan XH588 on its last sortie - the last Vulcan to fly.

Ready to Launch


Ready to Launch

David Lawrence
Sea Harriers of 801 Squadron on the deck of HMS Invincible.

Flight of the Canberra by Patricia Forrest


Flight of the Canberra

Patricia Forrest
English Electric Canberra Fighter/Bomber in 1950s silver finish.

Hercules Over Cheshire Ridge by Keith woodcock


Hercules Over Cheshire Ridge

Keith Woodcock
RAF Lockheed C-130 Hercules Transport.

Seasearch  by David Lawrence



David Lawrence
Royal Navy Search and Rescue Sea King with Nimrod.

Landing On by David Lawrence


Landing On

David Lawrence
Royal Navy de Havilland Sea Vixen approaching its carrier.

Air Sea Resue by David Lawrence


Air Sea Rescue

David Lawrence
Royal Navy Westland Sea King.

Meteors Over the Severn by Eric Bottomley


Meteors Over the Severn

Eric Bottomley
RAF Gloster Meteor F.Mk 8s during the 1950s.

Nimrod Patrol by Patricia Forrest


Nimrod Patrol

Patricia Forrest
RAF BAe Systems MR.Mk 2 Nimrod.

Javelin - TN



Paul Thurston
Gloster Javelin on patrol over the North Sea during the 1960s.

Vampires of the Night by Paul Thurston


Vampires of the Night

Paul Thurston
RAF de Havilland Vampires on patrol during the 1950s.

The Last Sea King - TN


The Last Sea King

David Gibbings
Westland Sea King.

Falklands Freedom by Robin Smith


Falklands Freedon

Robin Smith
RAF Hercules during a post-Falklands War exercise.

Corporate Prelude by Philip West1


Corporate Prelude

Philip West
Avro Vulcan XM607 just prior to the Falklands conflict.

Whistling Wheelbarrows TN by Brian Fare


Whistling Wheelbarrows (Artist Signed)

Brian Fare
Armstrong Whitworth Argosy AW-660 military transport.

Into the Blue by Patricia Forrest1


Into the Blue

Patricia Forrest
RAF Eurofighter Typhoon.

The Last of the V Bombers by Patricia Forrest


The Last of the V Bombers

Patricia Forrest
RAF Handley Page Victor.

Royal Rescue Team by Stephen Brown


Royal Rescue Team

Stephen Brown
HRH Prince William in a Westland Sea King of 22 Squadron.

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