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Mounting and Framing Overseas
We do not usually ship mounted or framed prints to overseas addresses. The cost of postage and risk of damage means that it is in most cases going to be better for you to purchase the card only and buy framing services locally.

Greetings Cards - Mounting and Framing

You can turn a simple greetings card into an ideal small gift, or use one or more to create an inexpensive display for a study or office. Most of the cards on this site can be ordered double mounted or double mounted and framed.

Double mounted cards - these will have a light toned outer mount and a darker inner mount in a colour chosen to suit the card. A third piece of mount board is used as backing. The finished article is presented in a clear wrapping and could be given as a gift as it is. The outer dimensions are always made up to a standard size so you can easily find a ready-made frame to fit if you choose.

Mounted Card
Primary Frame

Framed cards - alternatively we can supply the cards already fitted into an attractive ready-made frame. The frames are designed so that you could easily remove the mounted card and replace it with a new one if you fancied a change. The frames have the fittings needed to both stand them on a desk or shelf or hang on a wall in either landscape or portrait style.

The standard type of frame we use is pictured above and right. It is an excellent quality wooden frame, finished with a subtle mix of gold and silver tones. It has been carefully chosen to look good with most room styles and colour schemes.

Primary Frame - corner
Alternative Frame

Alternative frame style -  shown left and below is a different frame style which you may prefer. It is a traditional wood style with a small gold inlay. The prices and dimensions are all the same as the standard frame.

Alternative Frame Corner

If you would like this style instead just put a note in the ‘Comments’ box as you check out of the online shopping cart. Or give us a call on 0121 355 1333. Or email us on sales@aviationartcards.com

Important note: email is not 100% reliable so if you do not receive a reply within 24 hours please call us in case the email has not got through.

Limited Edition Cards are framed slightly differently - more info

Custom Framing

If you would like something a little more ambitious such as mounting with a squadron crest or pilot wings, or maybe you would like several cards mounted in the same frame, then just give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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